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We are really proud of our team as we received our latest assessment and rating in March 2022.


Our carfully selected educators across Melbourne will cover all of your childcare needs. Enjoy our exceptional quality service and contact our team with questions or comments.

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Community Oriented


The Pink Lotus Family Day Care Scheme is a remarkable initiative that has been providing quality childcare services in Melbourne, Victoria. Founded in 2014, this family daycare agency scheme has become an integral part of the community, offering nurturing and flexible home-based learning environments for children. Let’s delve into the fascinating history of Pink Lotus FDC and explore its impact on families in the North West Melbourne area.

Origins and Vision

The idea behind Pink Lotus FDC emerged from a desire to address the challenges faced by working parents. Juggling career responsibilities with parenting can be daunting, and finding reliable childcare options is crucial. The founders envisioned a place where children could thrive, learn, and form genuine bonds with caring educators.

Services Offered

1. Home-Based Childcare Service

  • Pink Lotus FDC provides a warm and home-like environment for children aged one to five.

  • With a maximum ratio of one educator to four children, safety and personalized attention are paramount.

  • Educators adhere to the early years framework, emphasizing belonging, being, and becoming.

2. Before and After School Care

  • Designed for children from prep to 12 years of age.

  • Activities are tailored to meet social, emotional, intellectual, language, physical, and creative needs.

  • Educators follow the “My Time, Our Place” framework to create a friendly and enriching environment.

3. Casual Care and School Holiday Care

  • Flexible hours to accommodate busy parents.

  • While not available at all locations due to the nature of the business, Pink Lotus FDC strives to meet diverse needs.

Educators and Community

  • Pink Lotus FDC takes pride in its carefully selected educators.

  • All educators adhere to national learning frameworks and regulations.

  • A community-oriented approach fosters collaboration, where educators learn from each other and contribute to a supportive learning environment.


The Pink Lotus Family Day Care Scheme continues to make a positive impact on families in Melbourne. Its commitment to quality, community, and child-centered care ensures that parents can pursue their careers with peace of mind. As the lotus blooms, so does the potential of every child nurtured within its petals.

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(03) 4250 9599

14 Moorland Rd, Cairnlea VIC 3023, Australia

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