Mid-Year Compliance Check Pink-Lotus Family Day Care Scheme

To ensure our compliance with the current Laws, Regulations, and Industry Standards, as well as continuously improving our scheme's service quality and care

Dear Educators,

As we have discussed in our last workshop meeting, we have prepared a Mid- yearly document check list for educators' service. This is a compliance check to make sure a FDC Care service is complied with all the current requirements and standards in term of safety for caring children.

We would like to have all the documents, and equipments checked and done by end of this month the 30th July 2017. Please download this check list and do a self-check at your service. You can let us know if you need any help, or your service need any missing files that our office can provide.

I will come down and do a cross-check with you in our next house check.

Thank you team for your collaboration in continously improve our service standard. I wish you all have a lovely School Holiday Time with the children

Kind regards,