Child Safety

There are a number of elements that can contribute to the safety of your child. These include:

Unsafe environmental conditions - for example, access to dangerous items or situations that are inappropriate to the child's understanding and stage of development. Get down to your child’s level and have a look around to see from their perspective.

Participation in activities that are not consistent with the child’s abilities and development - for example, using a pair of scissors when they are not aware of the dangers involved.

Lack of adult supervision - where parents / carers over-estimate their child’s abilities to cope in different situations or environments or underestimate the potential for dangers to children in various situations and environments. No mechanism or gadget can replace parental supervision to provide a safer environment for children. At the end of the day, a product is only designed to be a product, not a child-minding substitute.

Remember…child safety is no accident.

Kidsafe Victoria is dedicated to reducing the number and severity of unintentional child injuries through promoting child safety. is a great website for parents on children’s safety in and around the home.