Professional Training Events on April 26th 2017

Pink Lotus Family Day Care Scheme has organised an evening training event at St Albans Community Centre on the 26th April 2017. The night has gone very well with the follwing topics cover

  • Child Protection Obligations for FDC Educators - Andy Doan

  • Taxation Matter - ADV Accountants Firm

Our educators had a quality time discussing and sharing their opinion on the matters and listening to advice from professionals about the above topics. Feedback was great and we will keep on working hard in our next training sessions to help educators improve their knowledge.

Some services was also received our recognition certificates for their effort in organizing experience for children over the Easter and School Holiday including:

  • Beehive Family Day Care

  • Katherine Family Day Care

  • Anne Family Day Care

We were very happy to see all our educators to the event and thank you to them and also thank to ADV Accountants Firm for helping us with their presentation and follow up Q & A.


training event april 2017