Training: Building Confidence In Linking Theory To Observations And Programming

Pink Lotus Family Day Care Scheme has organised a two days training event on the 7th and 9th of February 2017 for our educators as part of our "2017 Educators Professional Development Series".

Our guest speaker and trainer is Ms Paular Nadas. She has more than 20 years experience with different roles in childcare industry. She has her Master degree in Social Administration – Major – Public Policy Analysis and Advanced Diploma degree in Community Services – Child Care. She has a huge passion in early childhood learning and teaching especially in bilingual learning environment. She is currently working with aboriginal community in vocational learning. She also works as a consultant for FDC services committed to establishing and supporting bilingual Educators with a passion for continuous professional growth as well as contributes to the ACECQA second tier review board.

The training has covered the following topics:

  • The practice of Observation and Programming

  • Different types of Observations and when to use them

  • Using different theories to reflect on learning in observations and linking to future programming.

Our educators has chance to reflect their practice, learn about different theories that link to the EYLF, and practice with Ms Paula Nadas on how to do observation, planning, programming and how to link it all together as an on-going learning cycle.

We would like to thank all the participants, Ms Paula Nadas, Ms Mandy Huong from Holy Eucharist Primary School St Albans.

We hope these events will support and promote an actively learning environment for our staffs, and educators. Providing them with chance to continuously reflect and improve on their practice and the quality of care which they provide for our children. We had a very fun time learning new things.

Andy Doan

Pink Lotus Family Day Care Scheme